Google Buzz released: - Islamia university bahawalpur google-site-verification=dtxQQ4I2sAJImOTdghR4COQrhhDKPVch_9bwLf81yhI
I surprised by seeing it.
I didn't guessed Google will do it. Google is not giving any gap at all for its competitors. I though Google will leave real time search to twitter. But the giant came into ring.

I think.. It will takes years for Google Buzz to balance twitter. Because there are already lots of twitter applications integrated. For twitter there are many third party applications and plugins are ready to use. It will definitely takes more than a year for Google to compete with twitter. But.. I think. twitter will give strong competition.
1/25/2012 02:19:50 am

will come back quickly

1/28/2012 12:41:28 am

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